About us
The development of Latreuo House of Education has been planned since 2015, to establish a Christian School of excellence in all areas of education, based on the Word of God, as a vision of the Senior Pastor at Truth International Ministries. As Christian Educators we believe that children should be trained from the earliest possible age to understand that the principles of God are the norm and not the teachings of the world. Christian Education is the key to ensure that children will be rooted in the truth, and the root determines the fruit.

Our strategy of co-operative learning will ensure that every child is actively involved in his/her own process of learning. Individual attention, nurturing and disciplining are made possible because of a maximum of 25 learners per class. Our focus is to equip each learner holistically, and to identify and build areas of slow development as well as areas of gifting and strengths. In order for this generation to survive in an ever changing information age, they will be equipped to think critically and creatively, having developed life skills, including financial, vocational, IT, cultural, physical development, and interpersonal relationships and a sound age-appropriate Bible study program.

These five foundation stones are essential for every Christian School, and are present at Latreuo House of Education: Christ-Centered, Bible Based, Holy Spirit Controlled, Individually Applied, Socially Related Education.

Our handpicked qualified Educators are born-again, Spirit-filled believers who are committed to be instrumental in maximizing the potential of each child. Our doors opened in January 2020 for the first time for students from Grades 1 to 7. We can now accommodate students from Grades 1-12 through our new Switched-On Curriculum. Our students are your children. Your children are God’s gift to you. Your gift to God is to train them in His ways so that they may have a heart after Him, serve Him diligently, never depart from Him, and bless and honour you as their parents.

Our Aim is to Nurture students who have a heart after God. Train students to be obedient to His will and to disciple students to fulfill His call!